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Improve the experience of your audience and expand your business, using your spaces to offer new advertising areas.

Smart kiosk

dSmartKiosk Lukhiar


Multi-app and multi-touch device with which one or several people can interact simultaneously. They are very useful for receptions, points of sale, and info points.

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Large-scale LED screens

dSignLED Lukhiar


At luk hiar! we firmly believe that LED technology is the present and future of digital signage globally, especially in large format. Perfect for clubs, corporations, POS, etc.

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Interactive desk

dSmartDesk Lukhiar


A new concept of digital, cooperative experience: an interactive, multi-app, multi-touch desk with a unique, exclusive, and customizable design. It has several applications in any personal or work area.

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Digital totem

dPop Lukhiar


Digital and interactive (if necessary) exhibitors with a totem shape. They can operate both indoors and outdoors, and they are ideal to show information in a dynamic way or use them as advertising spaces.

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Electronic vinyl with LED technology

dFlex LukHiar


The evolution of the classic vinyl for communication: an electronic vinyl with LED technology that can be attached to any glass surface. It is flexible, light, and is practically transparent when it is off.

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Digital advertising banner for transport

dMascot Lukhiar


Our most recent project: the digital signage device especially designed to be installed on top of vehicles. It can operate outdoors and in conditions of motion. It also has geolocation and a free Wi-Fi service.

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Successful projects
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  • San Sebastian
  • dFlex™

ARCCO-AMARA is a mall located in Amara, Basque Country (Spain). In ts main glass facade, we put a dFlex™ screen of 860 ft2 (80…

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