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dSmartDesk Lukhiar

Transform any area in an interactive and cooperative environment.

What is a dSmartDesk™?

Our interactive digital desk is a multi-app, multi-touch device with a unique, exclusive, and customizable design. It has several uses in any personal or work area. From serving as a computer for several people to interact simultaneously, to arcade desk or smart restaurant table, among other applications.


Users have control over what, how and when they want to interact with the content and apps from the wide variety of possibilities that offers our multi-touch desk.

This digital display can help manage purchase orders, give detailed information, show product details, or provide interactive tools for entertainment and/or education, giving a surprisingly new experience to your audiences.

Technological innovation
Our dSmartDesk ™ has the latest technology to completely change several atmospheres as we know them, and bring them to a more digital level. It can create new experiences in education, entertainment or customer service.

It can be connected to other digital devices, such as smartphones or other digital signage screens, to expand the interactive experience of the users.



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