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dFlex LukHiar

Can you imagine how would it be if vinyls could display dynamic content?

What is a dFlex™?

Our digital signage star. The evolution of the classic, static vinyl for communication: an electronic vinyl with LED technology. It can be attached to any glass surface, like print vinyls, but they are able to display dynamic content. It consists of a structure of flexible, light-weight, see-through panels that are very easy to install behind any transparent surface, so it doesn't interfere with the vision when it's off. It is very useful and impactful in points of sale, offices, building facades, malls, and other sites.


Flexibility and transparency
Our dFlex™ is made of LED strips. It is very thin so it can be flexible and semi-transparent. The shape can also be adapted to any glass surface so it doesn't disturb the vision through the glass.

Durability and light-weight
It is designed to be durable, since it is meant to be put behind a glass surface. It is also ultra light-weight, so it can be easily handled.

Easy handling
Installing this device is very simple, as well as the programming of its content.

The electronic vinyl allows for several dynamic contents to be displayed in a powerful way instantly or scheduled according to the needs of the advertiser. There is no need to print, remove, and reprint vinyls, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.



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Avila City Council chooses luk hiar! to modernise its information media in this project financed 50% with EU ERDF funds.

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