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dPop Lukhiar

Capture the attention of your audiences with dynamic and interactive content.

What is a dPop™?

Our standard: a digital exhibitor with a totem shape and customizable design properly equipped to operate both indoors and outdoors. It can show dynamic content for information or advertising purposes, and it can be programmed according to a strategy of audience segmentation. It was our first digital device, and its design and fabrication has evolved throughout our years of experience. It is usually the main display of the advertising and corporate digital signage systems.
Its touchscreen version, the dDit™, allows for interactive apps to be programmed so users can locate themselves on a map, find routes and other information, participate in contests and games, and more. It also has a version that can be hung on a wall: the dPoi™, usually put on columns.


The dynamic and/or interactive presentation of information and advertising content draws the attention of the audience and increases the satisfaction of your clients.

Durability and versatility
Our dPop™ is equipped to perform correctly both indoors and outdoors. Interactive or not, as a totem, or on a wall.

Its surface design is completely customizable in color, size and shape, so it goes along with your corporate identity.

It can connect with smartphones and other digital signage screens for a unified, comprehensive communication experience.



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Oficina Naturgy

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Formerly known as Gas Natural Fenosa, Naturgy is one of the leading Spanish companies in the electricity and gas sector. With the idea of…

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