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dMesh Lukhiar

Bring your spectacularity to the next level with the digital mesh banner

What is a dMesh™?

The evolution of the classic advertising or decorative canvas has, of course, LED technology to display dynamic content that you can change at any time, like in a giant screen. This digital signage display can be installed on any urban facade for decoration and/or advertising, and stands out for its spectacularity, its dynamism and its ability to adapt to the environment. It is light-weight, easy to install, weather resistant, and see-through when turned off! You can use it all year round and change the contents without the need to print and reinstall new static canvases.


Flexibility and transparency
dMesh™ is a grid with LED dots at intersections, making it light-weight, flexible and semi-transparent. It can be folded and rolled up for easy transport and does not significantly alter the landscape when it's turned off.

Durability and light-weight
It is designed to be weather resistant, since it is usually placed on large exterior facades, and at the same time it is very light, making it easy to handle.

Easy handling
The installation of this device is simple and easy, as well as the programming of its contents.

The digital banner allows you to display various dynamic and eye-catching contents without the need to print and change them constantly, reducing the cost, time investment and environmental impact of your business.



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