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dSmartKiosk Lukhiar

Welcome your visitors in an interactive way, with all the necessary information at their fingertips.

What is a dSmartKiosk™?

dSmartKiosk™ is an interactive, multi-touch, digital display that has the ideal height and shape to make interaction easier for the user. One or more people can interact simultaneously, making it a collaborative experience. It is very useful for receptions and lobbies, points of sale, and info points of restaurants, museums, recreation and education centres, hospitals, etc.


Attractive and interactive content
The interactive experience creates bidirectional communication between the content and the audience. The user gets more involved and chooses the content they want to see.

This device can manage queues, solve inquiries, show product details and locate them in a store, and give directions on a map, so it can help manage your business and increase the satisfaction of your clients and other stakeholders.

Innovative communication experience
The dSmartKiosk™ provides another way of communication between brands and their target markets, and another sales channel inside or very close to the point of sale.

It includes the option of pairing with smartphones and synchronising content with other digital signage devices to create collaborative, fun, and unique experiences.



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