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Parkings Empark

Client background

Empark is the largest parking management company in Spain and Portugal, as well as having an international presence in Andorra, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

The challenge

The Empark car park network in Spain and Portugal did not have any type of digital screen, so they wanted to find a provider capable of installing, operating and maintaining a digital signage circuit from scratch. In this way, this client could make better use of their spaces with digital outdoor advertising, especially at strategic points, such as parking lots in shopping centers and airports.

Our solution

We designed and installed a circuit of 112 digital totems in Empark car parks in various cities between Spain and Portugal. As always, luk hiar! It is also in charge of the operation and maintenance of this equipment. The management of advertising and advertiser content is carried out together with TuMedio (www.tumedio.es).

Project specs

dPop™: : Luk hiar ! We design, install, operate and maintain a network of digital totems on the ground and on the wall (dPop™ and dPoi™) in more than 100 Empark car parks between Spain and Portugal. Its design is customized according to the location of the car park and the screen, at the client's request.

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