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Children’s City

Client background

Children’s City is an interactive educational centre based in Creek Park, Dubai (UAE) that provides games and activities that help the learning process of children and teenagers in several sciences and other areas of study.

The challenge

Provide the centre with a new digital channel, and a unique interactive learning experience for its visitors. The purpose of this organisation is to encourage kids and adolescents to learn and cooperate in an attractive way.

Our solution

Since 2016, inside the technological gallery of Children’s City, there is a dSmartDesk™ programmed with a customized app that includes several games that luk hiar! developed exclusively for this client. Being a multi-touch display, it offers a collaborative experience to its user(s).

Project specs

dSmartDesk™ : A multi-touch, multi-app desk that provides a cooperative learning experience. Our dSmartDesk™ is very robust es muy resistente and easy to interact with, since it is intended to be used by people from all ages.

Customized app powered by luk hiar!: We developed and programmed an app for this dSmartDesk™ that includes multiple educational games (Human Body, Fishes of the Gulf, etc) about human anatomy and other areas of study.

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