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Parkings SABA

Client background

Saba is a leading industrial operator in the field of urban mobility specializing in parking management. Currently, it has more than 1,200 car parks distributed in 9 countries around the world.

The challenge

Like many other sectors, traditional car parks need to evolve into the digital age, especially to achieve a means to make their spaces more profitable and better connect them to the location that surrounds them, among other advantages. Saba had a network of digital totems in various car parks in Spain, but needed to update its fleet of screens.

Our solution

Luk hiar! improved and updated the entire network of digital media for Saba Spain (and Saba-Bamsa in Barcelona). From there, we assume the operation and maintenance of the 115 digital totems, distributed in the parking lots of all the important cities in Spain. We manage advertising content together with TuMedio (www.tumedio.es).

Project specs

dPop™: We updated the existing supports to improved dPop™ (digital totem) and dPoi™ (digital wall totem) and assumed the OPM (operation, programming and maintenance) of the digital signage circuit made up of 115 screens throughout Spain.

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