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Avila City Council

Monoposte digital
Client background

Avila, a medium-sized provincial capital, had a stock of information media that had more than served their purpose. Thanks to luk hiar!, it now enjoys new devices which, in addition to traditional information such as time and temperature, allow it to offer in real time the information that the City Council considers of interest to its citizens.

The challenge

It was necessary to replace the old municipal supports located at strategic points in the city with new digital devices connected to the Internet. This technological revolution in the public thoroughfare makes it possible to update the information displayed to users. The multiple functionalities of our screens offer endless possibilities and give a more modern image of the city.

Our solution

Renovation of urban supports with new digital screens connected to the internet wirelessly (3G/4G). These devices with advanced software allow control and programming from any computer with an internet connection. Content management is the responsibility of a professional manager who provides both traditional data, such as the time and temperature, and any relevant information for citizens: low-emission zones, specific city events, etc.

Project specs

luk hiar! is responsible for the supply, installation and maintenance guarantee of 14 monopoles and 4 totems, both double-sided LED. These devices represent an urban technological innovation and establish an effective

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