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HLA Clínica Int. Barcelona

HLA Clinica Internacional Barcelona
Client background

With 18 hospitals and 35 multi-specialty centers distributed throughout Spain, the HLA Hospital Group is one of the most important hospital service providers in the country. In the face of the launch of a new healthcare center on Anglí 38-40 street in Barcelona, the group has decided to equip it with advanced digital visual communication solutions to optimize the functioning of its services.

The challenge

In order to improve the patient experience and facilitate access to all types of relevant information, as well as to optimize appointment management, the HLA Group commissioned luk hiar! to design and install a comprehensive solution in its new building that allows managers to project all types of graphic messages, both informational and corporate or promotional, at all times.

Our solution

The design and implementation of a series of solutions involving the installation of digital supports on each floor or area of the center, from the reception to the medical professionals' rest room, adapted to the needs of each of them, is carried out. This also includes the supply of all necessary equipment and accessories, as well as their maintenance.

Project specs

Technological innovation has arrived in clinics to improve the experience of patients and users. The digital solutions dPoster™, dFlex™, and dSignLEDT™ have become indispensable tools for modern clinics.
dPoster™: It is a portable LED support that offers excellent visibility and clear image in the hallways, accesses, and waiting areas of the clinic. It is also easy to update with relevant information for patients, making it an ideal tool to keep them informed at all times.
dFlex™: It is an elegant and creative solution for communication with patients. This flexible, semi-transparent, and durable material perfectly adapts to any glass surface, transforming it into a communication screen. With dFlex™, clinics can create attractive and impactful designs to offer a unique and memorable experience to users.
dSignLED™: It is a rigid LED digital support that offers high resolution and different sizes. Flat screens and a unique wavy one provide both clinic customers and staff with general information, appointment schedules, corporate, and entertainment information. Thanks to dSignLED™, clinics can keep patients and users entertained and informed while they wait.
The digital solutions dPoster™, dFlex™, and dSignLED™ are a smart investment for clinics seeking to improve the experience of their patients and users. With them, communication will be more effective, and the aesthetic and technological impact will undoubtedly be impressive.

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